How does progress link to civility? --Graduate student Tami Franklin looks at progress

From Tami Franklin

Let’s Make Progress: The Role of Civility in Public Deliberation

How to achieve better results and progress through the use of civility in public deliberation.

Why does modern public discourse result in loud voices, funny faces, rude remarks and pointing fingers? In using a general definition for incivility as lacking courtesy in behavior and speech, and civility as its opposite, let us look for any evidence where incivility plays a progressive role in debate and find the reasoning used for replacing civility? What is it going to take to create positive change and who is going to make the civil effort? We need to hear the voices of civil speakers calling confidently to the public that now is the time for a change in the way we exchange in public discourse.


Uncivil vs. Civil Discourse: Progress or Retrogression?

Civility was formed in our efforts to leave barbarism in the past where it belongs. The structure of discourse is flipped upside down when it contains derogatory and abusive remarks. Our great country allows for freedom of opinions, but it does not give us the right to make our opinions facts. In a free country it is not possible to control the accuracy of information as it filters through the internet, therefore anyone’s opinion can be heard as a fact. Where does incivility come from? Well, if you do not have the confidence in your ideas or solutions nor the ability to present them, you take the focus off of yourself by throwing dirt on someone else or their words. Have we not progressed out of third-grade antics in the year 2016?