Tenet the Tenth: Missouri State PR student Delaney Lindstrom discusses the tenets of civility

From Delaney Lindstrom (Springfield, MO)

At Missouri State University, Dr. Elizabeth Dudash-Buskirk has started an organization on campus called “Be Civil, Be Heard.” As a start to the organization, Dr. Dudash-Buskirk has made a “Count to 10!” listing all of the things that her organization believes in:

  1. Be Attentive

  2. Acknowledge Others

  3. Be Inclusive

  4. Listen

  5. Respect Others

  6. Speak With Courage

  7. Act With Compassion

  8. Give and Accept Constructive Feedback

  9. Treat Your Environment with Respect

And last but not least...

    10. Be Accountable

In the eyes of Be Civil, Be Heard being accountable means to acknowledge your mistakes and take responsibility for your actions. One’s ability to be responsible and accountable is a direct result of the tasks one may be assigned. This can also relate to situations happening in one’s personal life. Someone who demonstrates accountability will always take a hit and take responsibility for their actions if need be. As Ron Broussard says in this video clip, having accountability to yourself and others will push you through difficult times! For more information about the organization, listen to what Dr. Dudash-Buskirk has to say during her radio interview!