Tenet the Second: MSU PR student Brionna Cooper uses a viral video to explain the tenets of civility

From Brionna Cooper (Springfield, MO)

Be Civil Be Heard is a non-profit administered out of the Center for Community Engagement at Missouri State University by Elizabeth Dudash-Buskirk and a very diverse group of board members. The point of Be Civil Be Heard is to create conversation and promote change through civility.

Be Civil Be Heard has Ten Tenets of Civility:

  1. Be Attentive.

  2. Acknowledge Others.

  3. Be Inclusive.

  4. Listen.

  5. Respect Other Views.

  6. Speak Out With Courage.

  7. Act With Compassion.

  8. Give And Accept Constructive Feedback.

  9. Treat Your Environment With Respect.

  10. Be Accountable.

The tenet that I will be focusing on is #2, Acknowledge Others. The idea of this tenet is to greet people, ideas, and values with respect.

Here is a quick video that shows a situation in which a person didn’t acknowledge another. What was most likely an awkward situation to be in, was luckily made into a humorous example we can use today.

We’ve all probably had times where we’ve felt like the man who offered up a handshake and got rejected. If we all decide to practice acknowledging others more often we can reduce those awkward encounters and make everyone feel like they’re being paid attention to.

While at times it may be difficult to greet certain people, ideas, or values with respect, it is important to remember how you would feel if someone wasn’t greeting you, your ideas, or your values with respect. We might not always agree with one another, but we should always welcome different perspectives. The best way for us all to learn and grow as people and as a community is to listen to the different perspectives, ideas, and values of various people.

For more information on Be Civil Be Heard visit their website.