MSU PR student David Azar connects inclusion to the tenets of civility

From David Azar (Springfield, MO)

Raise your hand if you were ever neglected from a social event or get together. So I can’t actually see you guys, but I assume you all raised your hand because we have all felt neglected before. Feeling like you’re not a part of something is one of the loneliest feelings in the world. This feeling can breed animosity towards those people who are a part of something. This mindset breeds uncivil attitudes. As humans, we are all living together on this Earth. Forever. And ever. Nothing we do can ever make that fact a falsity. We may as well include everyone while we’re here.

The best way to spread civility between each other is to include everyone in the conversation. Argument is fine, in fact it is encouraged at times. Civil discourse can move society forward. But it can only move forward when we have all voices present. It’s also important to listen to these voices instead of just yelling over them! Once we include everyone in the conversation and hear all the opinions present we can truly say we made the choice we support! Being inclusive is the only way to get to that point though. Without inclusion, those opposing viewpoints are not present.

Being civil is about more than just being inclusive, although that is a big part! The first step is to be attentive, acknowledge others, and then be inclusive. These three steps are followed by listening, respecting others, speaking with courage, acting with compassion, giving and accepting constructive feedback, treating your environment with respect, and finally being accountable. These 10 steps can help you Be Civil and Be Heard! This leads to happiness and a more friendly, informed group of people.