Tenet the Fifth: MSU PR student Madelyn Dodson discusses respect in relation to politics and religion

From Madelyn Dodson (Springfield, MO)

Be Civil Be Heard is a civility project in Springfield and Greene County in Missouri. The project has 10 Tenets of Civility. The project urges small and large businesses, public agencies, and government entities to adopt these tenets and to live up to these 10 tenets. The 10 tenets are the following:

  1. Be attentive

  2. Acknowledge Others

  3. Be Inclusive

  4. Listen

  5. Respect Other Views

  6. Speak Out With Courage

  7. Act With Compassion

  8. Give and Accept Constructive Feedback

  9. Treat Environment  with Respect

  10. Be Accountable

While all 10 of these are important and following them can help the community come together as a whole and be civil, I want to talk about number 5, Respect Other Views, more in depth. It is important to remember that everyone comes from a different background with different political views, religious views, etc. Respecting other’s views is something I believe a lot of people have been neglecting to do lately. A lot of disrespect that I see is on social media. Today, no one can post something without having someone with the opposite views to tell them they are wrong. People need to remember that there is not one religious or political view that is superior to others. Everyone is entitled to their own belief and to be able to speak freely about what they believe in.


Below is a video of a young christian man apologizing to homosexuals. The man brings up organizations like Westboro Baptist Church who have protested against homosexuals for being homosexual.  This is just one example of a group not respecting another groups views. This video shows how the young man respects the homosexuals even though it might not be something he believes in. If we each carried out the same respect as this young man does, the Springfield and Greene County communities can come together to be a more civil community.

Love Revived Video

The Be Civil Be Heard project is a great way for the Springfield and Greene County community to come together and practice these tenets especially Respect for other views. For more information on the Be Civil Be Heard project and to find out how you can participate click the link Be Civil Be Heard.