Tenet the Seventh: MSU PR student Angelina O'Donnell discusses compassion

From Angelina O'Donnell (Springfield, MO)

“Our Mission: To increase effective engagement in Springfield and Greene County by creating a more welcoming and respectful environment where all people’s views are encouraged and heard.”

When was the last time you reflected on how much compassion there was in the world? Whether you were the one being compassionate or someone showed compassion to you, we can all agree that we have experienced a moment of compassion that has left an impact. Be Civil Be Heard is a new organization that makes sure that everybody has a voice on a matter that is important to them. Be Civil Be Heard has 10 tenants of civility and they include the following…

  • Be Attentive
  • Acknowledge Others
  • Be Inclusive
  • Listen
  • Respect Other Views
  • Speak Out With Courage
  • Act With Compassion
  • Give and Accept Constructive Feedback
  • Treat Your Environment With Respect
  • Be Accountable

The seventh tenant, act with compassion, places an emphasis on treating others with kindness and honesty. The motivational component of compassion, wanting to help people, creates ambition for greater good which helps Be Civil Be Heard discussions become productive and gain that civility.

Compassion and empathy can truly go a long way, and you never know what your act of compassion can make someone feel. Watch the following video clip of former President, Barack Obama, explaining the importance of empathy which can be tied into compassion.