Tenet the Third: MSU PR student Connor Randell explains the important of inclusion

From Connor Randell (Springfield, MO)

When we are young, everyone learns in school how important it is to include everyone in all activities. We saw that not everyone felt welcomed or we ourselves were not welcomed by others. In order for our our world to function well together, we must all learn how important inclusion truly is.

The Be Civil Be Heard organization works to help everyone understand that all people have something they can bring to the table, no matter how different they may seem. “Be Inclusive” is the third step in the Count to 10 countdown of the program. Before this step, we learned about the importance of being attentive in our surroundings and acknowledging  others ideas with respect.

All people no matter what race, sexual orientation, religion, or other differences should be included with everyone. Everybody is different and that’s what makes being alive so special. Being able to have different ideas to bring to the world for people to understand is so important in reaching our ultimate goal: making the world turn in peace. The video in the link describes how all our differences can make the world a better place through inclusion and understanding.  There are so many people in the world, yet everyone is a unique individual.

So whether it’s in the work place, school, or in a social setting; include everyone around you on the ideas being shared. It may turn out they have ideas of their own that coincide with yours.  You can also learn a great deal from other’s ideas. Everyone has gone through different experiences and has learned new information that you don’t have. Maybe it can help guide you to be the better person you have always wanted to be.  Being inclusive also can lead to progress in working together on any project. When we all get along, we avoid argumentation and avoidance that distract us from the positive goals that we want to make in our lives.

Being inclusive is just one important pillar in the Be Civil Be Heard countdown. If you want more information on the group and how to be a more civil being in society, visit the official Be Civil Be Heard website. Here are the other steps included on the site:

  • Listen
  • Respect Other Views
  • Speak Out With Courage
  • Act With Compassion
  • Give and Accept Constructive Feedback
  • Treat Your Environment with Respect
  • Be Accountable