MSU PR student Kellen Yoey talks about how to respect the opinions of others

From Kellen Yoey (Sprinfield, MO)

In the 10 steps there are to the Be Civil Be Heard campaign, number five is one of the most important steps.  But why? It is my belief that if you can respect others views (#5 on the list) it makes the idea of public discussion and awareness that much more. By respecting other peoples views, you open up the for yourself to come off has being civil, but also people will tend to listen to you better if you’ve shown respect to them.  The steps that come before #5 are actions that we can all take into consideration if you find it hard to respect someone with an opposing view

  1. Be Attentive – You have to be aware of whats going on.  Just because you are sitting there does not mean you are actually retaining what a speaker is communicating.  Think about what they say and the meanings behind the words they use.
  2. Acknowledge  Others – Acknowledge the fact that someone may have an opposing idea as you.  It is inevitable and we should not act so surprised when it occurs.  By coming off less surprised and shock, the speaker won’t feel so isolated in his or her thoughts.
  3. Be Inclusive – By being inclusive you eliminate any social constructions that may make other people feel as if they are lesser than you because of an opposing view.  It doesn’t matter if their view is different, they deserve the same respect as someone who has the same view as you.
  4. Listen –  This is the most important step in leading up to respecting other views.  Often we like to “jump the gun” and interrupt when we hear something that does not resonate well with us.  I am guilty of this.  We all are.  After spending my time here at Missouri State University in the Communications department, I have noticed that listening is the most stressed aspect of communication.  This also goes along with being attentive.  Sitting there and acting like you’re listening will do nothing if you don’t actually put forth effort to listen.

All of these tie in together to make Resecting Other Views that much easier. But respect goes deeper than just a discussion with opposing views.  Its the way we treat other people in everyday situations. Because if you aren’t being civil, people can still hear you and it won’t be the same as if you were civil. Click here to watch a short clip on respect.  At the end of the day, we all want the same thing.  To be respected.