Elizabeth Dudash-Buskirk, Ph.D.

Director and curator

Dr. Elizabeth Dudash-Buskirk is an associate professor in the Department of Communication at Missouri State University. She has been involved in politics since she was 6 years old in one way or another.  She has been interested in civility for most of her academic career. Elizabeth is the Faculty Fellow in the Center for Community Engagement and took on BCBH as part of her dedication to the Public Affairs Mission of Missouri State University.


Charlie Whitaker 

Social and Digital communication

As a graduate of MSU's digital media program and electronic arts, Charlie works in the office of the CCE and aids in the development of our web and social presence. As a professional in the area, Charlie often takes our crazy ideas and makes them a reality for BCBH. This website would not exist without him!



Carl Hunt 

Director and curator - Pittsburgh Center

Carl has experience in local politics including school boards and local government. He lives with his wife and two children in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As our liaison in Pittsburgh, Carl runs programs where he is asked. Community groups, social organizations, and schools ask for help and service in advising audiences about civic engagement and civil discourse.





Mickie Plummer 

Community Liaison - ICivics Projects


Erica Calderon Stark

Community Liaison - Education

Erica is most interested in students in grades 4-8. She works with the Service-Learning coordination at Missouri State in the CCE. She wants to work with students who are not yet old enough to be citizens to teach them how to engage in civil conversation and build communities.

David Van Bebber

Community Liaison - Pastoral community

David is a pastor and a graduate of the Missouri State University graduate communication program. David comes to us as a pastor and community member who wants to better understand how evangelicals and politics meet. David is dedicated to audience conversation and a civil civic discourse.












As a student, Mickie has always been overly involved. Her desire to serve the community and to help others combines with her dedication to civil civic engagement. As part of our education programs, we are dedicated to using Sandra Day O'Connor's iCivics program. This program helps students of all ages, but particularly 4-8 grade understand our system and the importance of community.



                                                                         Katherine Ellis

                                  Intern-Web Media and Creative Design

Katherine is a student at Missouri State University and is seeking a degree in Computer Science. She has an interest in art and design as well as computer generated graphics and web design. Katherine's invention and creative style allows her to assist BCBH in being more than just an average website and helps the interactive design of our pages.



Hanna Flanagan

Intern-Public Relations and Social Media

Hanna Flanagan is a junior at Missouri State University. She is pursing a major in journalism and a double minor in communication and art history. Hanna works as a public relations intern by updating our blog and website. She also helps coordinate communication between Be Civil Be Heard and the Springfield area.