Soup and Civility

For sustenance and conversation.

Sometimes we need a reason to come together to talk about community issues and to give us an opportunity to meet our neighbors. Often we say "Well, we all have to eat!" and why not use that exact reason to get together? Soup and Civility provides sustenance for the body for those who want it, while also providing our community building with opportunity to grow. Groups get together, sit at tables of 5-8 people, have table leaders, discuss issues over food, and then spend time as the whole group works together on their ideas. 

For fundraising and Awareness.

Soup and civility may also be used by groups to raise money and awareness for causes. Sometimes causes avoid difficult or controversial conversations because they fear whether or not they may hurt their mission. Instead, we suggest that contraversy is important for causes and missions because it tests the effectiveness of movements, non-profits, and groups. For example, talking about the refugee crisis in Springfield, MO, might seem difficult because strong feelings exist on both sides, but BCBH is created specifically to help such groups find conversation and progress.

By congregating around the controversial subjects of groups, movements, or causes, communities can better understand difficult issues and therefore better handle problems and difficulties in communities. Soup and Civility allows conversations to happen and also serve as an opportunity to explore funding options both, personal and corporate.


Some groups already have meetings set that involve a meal, while others would like to have a meal provided. We work with all different arrangements to make this program useful for progress in the community. Goals include building community trust, starting conversation, creating awareness, and raising funds if necessary. Soup and Civility must be arranged at least 60 days in advance.