Table Top Talks


Table top talks invite ALL 

Table Top Talks (TTT) may be used in different venues or contexts and for different goals.  Goals might include solving a problem, generating ideas, brainstorming, planning, or strategic development.


Students gather with the permission of the classroom teachers and the administration and choose a topic to discuss. These topics range from projects the students want to take on (id Est.: Recycling in the School, Volunteerism, Addressing specific student issues) but are driven specifically by the students. BCBH coordinates the time and the location in addition to helping the students find tables for the activity. Table Top Talks serve an educational purpose and socialization for students as well as potentially resolving issues. 

Students of all ages—from Middle School to University—can request our help in arranging TTT for them.


Sometimes businesses need to resolve issues that boardroom meetings cannot handle. If your business needs a space for civil discussion about difficult topics, then TTT might be a program that could help. We can come to you, or you can come to us, but TTT will allow your business to facilitate and direct your own conversation in a productive and civil environment.


If your group or organization needs to talk about its goals or resolve issues that you might encounter or simply needs a space and time for generating ideas, Table Top Talks might be an effective method for communication within your organization.  We provide an informal check on civility when discussions occur. Civility in these cases are about engagement with the understanding that open minds produce more ideas and open opportunities previously undiscovered.