Ten Tenets of Civility

Be Civil Be Heard Ten Tenets of Civility 

1. Be Attentive

Live with awareness toward others and your surroundings. 

2. Acknowledge Others

Greet people, ideas and values with respect. 

3. Be Inclusive

Recognize and welcome all people every day.

4. Listen 

Seek to understand by concentrating on what people say. 

5. Respect Other Views

Respond to different opinions with a fair and open mind. 

6. Speak Out With Courage 

Express yourself with honor and conviction

7. Act With Compassion

Treat others with kindness and honesty.

8. Give And Accept Constructive Feedback 

Consider criticism thoughtfully and factually. 

9. Treat Your Environment With Respect 

Show regard for nature, resources, and shared spaces. 

10. Be Accountable 

Acknowledge mistakes and take responsiblity for your actions.